Turmeric & Coconut Calming Mask

I bought this mask quite a few months ago and immediately purchased the other 2 masks that Jeffrey and Kitty at Schmear Naturals make. I was drawn to this mask for a number of reasons, mostly that I absolutely love turmeric in skincare. Forgive me, as my photos do not do justice to this beautiful goldenrod colored powder mask. This is a product Texture Tuesday fans can only dream of. This mask is recommended for use 2-3 times a week. LRG_DSC00553

Lets break this product down:

Price: Currently listed as $18.94 USD. You can find it here, I bought this product at full price.

Texture: A beautiful silky fine powder right out of the jar. When you mix this with water it turns into a delicious creamy texture that your skin will love. The texture will change depending on what you mix this mask with and how much of it. You can mix this mask with yogurt, water, honey, oil or any other medium you choose.

Smell: A very light natural fragrance. There are no synthetic fragrances in this product. Although coconut is in the name, I do not personally smell coconut (and I like it that way!)

Final Verdict: This is a mask you need in your skincare cabinet. Powder masks aren’t as frequent but there is so much power as a consumer in a powder mask. You can make it as thick or thin as you want, and mix it with whatever you want! I tend to use this mask with water, and I like it on the thicker side. I normally use this mask when I am feeling inflamed and red– the turmeric, coconut, aloe and colloidal oat along with the other calming ingredients really help my skin return to normal. It’s recommended to leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, although I leave it on for as long as 15 at times when I really need it. You will see that the mask leaves your face with a bit of a yellow hue, but it will go away quickly– it’s just the turmeric that has been hard at work. I personally notice a reduction in redness after using this mask! Jeffrey and Kitty are also extremely social media friendly, which as a customer and social media addict is always appreciated– they are always happy to share your mask selfies or give you more information about their products!


Herbal Dynamics Overnight Mask

Today I’d like to review a product that I purchased a few months ago and just recently pulled out of my skincare cabinet to use. The Herbal Dynamics Beauty hyaluronic acid & oat overnight recovery mask is meant to be used as a replacement for your moisturizer 2-3 times a week. I have personally been using it in addition to my moisturizer by using a thin layer as the last step in my nightly routine.


Here is a breakdown on this product:

Price: $30.00 for 1oz. I did purchase this product with a 20% off coupon. You can find it here (not an affiliate link).

Texture: like a super thick cozy blanket that envelopes your face. I tend to use this when my skin is feeling dull and dry and I always find comfort in putting this ultra thick, yet light somehow also light, cream on my face.

Smell: this is one of those products that has a familiar smell that you can’t quite put your finger on. The scent is light, but natural. My skin tends to be sensitive to scented items but this doesn’t bother it at all.

Final Verdict: I like this product! I tend to ask myself with most products I review, would I purchase this again? I think in the future I might, but I have so many products. I think if I could get a good deal I would. I think what attracted me to this product was the use of hyaluronic acid- one of my favorite ingredients. With other ingredients like aloe, rose oil and oat extract I knew that this mask would hydrate and repair. This mask was a recent lifesaver when I came back from Seattle dried out and needing moisture in my skin.



I am finally back from my trip to Seattle! My husband and I had a fantastic time. I am still feeling a bit sleep deprived— proof of that is I just wrote this entire blog post and then it didn’t save!

Did I do my in flight skincare routine?

Totally did- no shame! I shared it on my instagram stories. My husband asked me not to use the mist so that is the only thing I did not use. I only did it all on the trip there- the flight home I was just too exhausted. It was a bit embarrassing but I did it! The highlight was when the flight attendant walked by and asked me if I was giving myself a facial- *insert red cheek wide eyed emoji*.



  • Pike Place- everything is insanely fresh and there is such a variety. When I die- bury me at Pike Place. I got a huge bouquet of flowers for the room for $10
  • The Seattle aquarium. We loved that it was Pugent Sound focused and they were literally filtering in water from the sound into the tanks

    A seal that was rescued by the aquarium sunning himself
  • A local chain called Biscuit Bitch

    Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit with cheesy grits
  • Fresh OystersIMG_3334
  • Lotsa Beer
  • It didn’t rain once and was the perfect Fall weather all week!

    I’ll be back in the next few days with some more specific details of our trip! Let me know if there is anything you’d like to hear about!

8 Beauty Items to Take in Your Carry-on

I have done more traveling by plane in 2018 than in any other year of my life. Weddings, baby showers and, finally, 2 vacations in the next month! Unfortunately traveling via the sky is really taxing on your skin. The recycled air isn’t the only culprit- altitude changes and even the sun coming in through your window can dry out and damage your skin.

Typically, the flights that I take from BWI to BOS are short (literally an hour or less!) but I still do my best to care for my skin. I will say, the list you are about to read is not something I take on a 1 hour flight. These are the items I am taking on our cross country flight to Seattle (with a short layover in Boston).


1. A thick lip balm or mask

If you take nothing else with you, please take a chapstick! Our lips are incredibly sensitive and prone to drying out and cracking. I am taking the Bite Beauty lavender lip mask and the agave balm. I purchased these mini sizes in a Bite Beauty kit from Sephora.

2. Eye Drops

Maybe its just me, but my eyes dry out quickly anyway– never mind when I am in a dry environment. I also wear contacts which adds to the dryness. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons about my body in the last few years but the best have been about caring for my eyes. My eyes tend to itch when they are dry so I have been using these Alaway eye drops that were recommended by my eye doctor.

3. Lotion or Balm

Your hands and elbows will thank you- dry air=dry skin. My all over balm of choice is the Lano all over balm that I purchased at Ulta. It’s large enough to get tons of use but small enough that it doesn’t go over the 3oz limit for TSA. Think of this as a larger more lotion-y version of Glossier’s balmdotcom.

4. Makeup Remover Wipes

The next few items on this list are going to require a fresh face. If you are like me, and have blemished, red skin, you’ll know I have to at least put a little powder on my face– and I rarely leave my house without mascara. A travel size pack of wipes will be just enough to slip in your bag and to take off any makeup you have on. I picked up a 10 count travel size pack from my local CVS.

5. Hydrating Serum

Serums travel well, and they can pack a hydrating punch when you need it. Once you remove your makeup pat a few drops of a hydrating serum– I recommend the B-Hydra serum from Drunk Elephant. They sell it in a great kit from Sephora so that you can get the mini version for travel (or just if you want to try it!).

6. Mask

If you embarrass easily or just aren’t feeling extra- you can stop here! MASKING on a PLANE? I have no shame, I spend a lot of time, money and energy keeping my skin healthy so I’m going to do what I have to do. Your skin will be begging for a mask, if you don’t want to do one in flight, you should when you get to your hotel room! I am bringing along the super hydrating Jet Lag mask by Summer Fridays. A sheet mask would also be great if you prefer that!

7. Muslin Cloth

If you’re going to be masking on the plane, you really need something to dab it off with. I really love how versatile muslin cloths are. They are small enough to fold up and put in your bag, they dry quickly, and the texture feels great on your skin. You can find these just about anywhere but I purchased a 3 pack from The Alpine Glow on Etsy.

8. Facial Mist

I have been obsessing over the Little Barn Apothecary coconut and mint facial mineral mist. Any reason that I have to take it everywhere with me- I’ll use it. I intend on misting my face on my first flight and as a refresher when we land.



Pixi Beauty

My husband and I are going to Seattle in a few days and so I spent the morning and afternoon running around getting travel size items and getting my eyes checked. When I got home this afternoon I walked through the door and literally went oh my god! I had a beautiful package with Pixi By Petra written on the outside. When I opened it I realized it was their collection of liquid mattes. They have 5 brand new colors that they added to the line. They also included 4 pigments and 1 empty container to mix my own color to mail back in for the chance to get it added to their line!


I went on a target run and I decided to wear the color evening rose. I really enjoyed the doe foot applicator with the divot in the middle, it helped really apply the color seamlessly and I did’t have to use a qtip like I normally would to remove extra color. The matte was comfortable and didn’t feel as dry as other mattes I have tried do. There was no initial transfer. I went to chick fil a and got a milkshake (treat yo self!) and only then did I experience transfer– which to me is pretty normal. RFVZ3982

I’m looking forward to trying the other colors in the line, I am so thankful to Pixi Beauty for the opportunity to try their matte lipsticks. I cant wait to pick a few colors to take to Seattle with me! I’m already brainstorming ideas for my custom color to send in!

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Here I am, just adding another blog to the hundreds of thousands out there. My name is Carrie, I live in Maryland with my husband and 2 dachshunds.

Hydrangeas and Beauty

The name isn’t ~super unique~ it just happens to generally represent some topics I hope to discuss in this blog. I have always loved makeup, about a year ago I started a makeup Instagram account to connect with others and share ideas. More recently, I have gotten more into caring for my skin and I hope to document some of my struggles with hormonal acne in this blog.

I also hope to share my garden as I build it in the home I just purchased. I typically tend to plant vegetables but my weakness is hydrangeas (can you tell by the blog name). I am married to a veteran and every time we moved I always planted a hydrangea bush next to the front door- it was always something that made each place home for me. img_2794