Pixi Beauty

My husband and I are going to Seattle in a few days and so I spent the morning and afternoon running around getting travel size items and getting my eyes checked. When I got home this afternoon I walked through the door and literally went oh my god! I had a beautiful package with Pixi By Petra written on the outside. When I opened it I realized it was their collection of liquid mattes. They have 5 brand new colors that they added to the line. They also included 4 pigments and 1 empty container to mix my own color to mail back in for the chance to get it added to their line!


I went on a target run and I decided to wear the color evening rose. I really enjoyed the doe foot applicator with the divot in the middle, it helped really apply the color seamlessly and I did’t have to use a qtip like I normally would to remove extra color. The matte was comfortable and didn’t feel as dry as other mattes I have tried do. There was no initial transfer. I went to chick fil a and got a milkshake (treat yo self!) and only then did I experience transfer– which to me is pretty normal. RFVZ3982

I’m looking forward to trying the other colors in the line, I am so thankful to Pixi Beauty for the opportunity to try their matte lipsticks. I cant wait to pick a few colors to take to Seattle with me! I’m already brainstorming ideas for my custom color to send in!

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Author: Carrie

Dachshund mom, Veteran wife. Lover of pretty flowers and beauty. Visit me on Instagram at @carrieannekv

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