Turmeric & Coconut Calming Mask

I bought this mask quite a few months ago and immediately purchased the other 2 masks that Jeffrey and Kitty at Schmear Naturals make. I was drawn to this mask for a number of reasons, mostly that I absolutely love turmeric in skincare. Forgive me, as my photos do not do justice to this beautiful goldenrod colored powder mask. This is a product Texture Tuesday fans can only dream of. This mask is recommended for use 2-3 times a week. LRG_DSC00553

Lets break this product down:

Price: Currently listed as $18.94 USD. You can find it here, I bought this product at full price.

Texture: A beautiful silky fine powder right out of the jar. When you mix this with water it turns into a delicious creamy texture that your skin will love. The texture will change depending on what you mix this mask with and how much of it. You can mix this mask with yogurt, water, honey, oil or any other medium you choose.

Smell: A very light natural fragrance. There are no synthetic fragrances in this product. Although coconut is in the name, I do not personally smell coconut (and I like it that way!)

Final Verdict: This is a mask you need in your skincare cabinet. Powder masks aren’t as frequent but there is so much power as a consumer in a powder mask. You can make it as thick or thin as you want, and mix it with whatever you want! I tend to use this mask with water, and I like it on the thicker side. I normally use this mask when I am feeling inflamed and red– the turmeric, coconut, aloe and colloidal oat along with the other calming ingredients really help my skin return to normal. It’s recommended to leave the mask on for about 10 minutes, although I leave it on for as long as 15 at times when I really need it. You will see that the mask leaves your face with a bit of a yellow hue, but it will go away quickly– it’s just the turmeric that has been hard at work. I personally notice a reduction in redness after using this mask! Jeffrey and Kitty are also extremely social media friendly, which as a customer and social media addict is always appreciated– they are always happy to share your mask selfies or give you more information about their products!


Author: Carrie

Dachshund mom, Veteran wife. Lover of pretty flowers and beauty. Visit me on Instagram at @carrieannekv

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